My Name is Siren Song

My name is Siren Song. I am a pansexual, polyamorous, mother just shy of 30. Female, pronoun preferences she/her please. Nice to meet you and thanks for venturing into my blog space. If you read my first entry about consent, thank you a second time! I realize it was lengthy, so good for you for sticking with me to the end of it. Your future partners will appreciate it.

I wanted to take a moment now to explain my motives behind this blog. While I was not born in the Midwest, I was raised here by liberal Californian, atheist, sex-positive parents. Four years of college produced an education degree that I’m still trying to figure out what to do with. My husband and I have been together since 2006 and agreed on an open relationship a few months into dating each other. Let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride. We have both suffered our fair share of breaks ups and rejection, him more so than I but that is a story for a future post. Together we have loved, lost, argued, repaired, and grown with each other and as well as with others.

My weekly therapy sessions often leave me wondering why I put up with all of the complications of polyamory. Let me clarify, all long term relationships (LTRs) are hard fucking work. Period, the end. There is no escaping that and we will talk about that in this space. However, open relationships create entirely different dynamics that are rarely modeled or discussed in a realistic form. Those who are brave enough (or crazy enough?) to try them often learn what works and doesn’t work through ‘trial by fire’. But when I really dig deep and think about what my life would look like if my husband and I were monogamous, I am confident I’ve made the right choice for myself. Simply put, identifying as polyamorous allows me to feel that I can be my most genuine self in this world and with every human I encounter. The few times monogamy was attempted, it felt constraining and I always failed. I am not good at it, so I stopped trying to be. In future blog entries, I will attempt to explain how I and other polyamorous adults are able to remain committed and in love with multiple partners simultaneously.

For now, allow me to add my voice to those seeking information and validation about their non-monogamy, sexual/relationship non-conformity, or general sex positive nature. While I do plan on telling my own stories, my goal is to post numerous interviews with interesting folks (such as yourselves) as well as other additional resources and links. This blog will be a place for sharing and learning! Being a sex positive educator and activist is an integral piece of the very core of my being and I identify strongly with this calling. I see sex negativity every day in my work with small children and their parents, in my social life, in the media, and everywhere else I could possibly think of. Our culture is steeped in it, but I’m hopeful that together we can help influence great change.

If you have questions, concerns, suggestions for topics you’d like to see written about, etc. please do not hesitate to contact me via email at or @siren8song via Twitter. I am very pleased and excited to begin this journey with you!

With infinite love,
Siren Song


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